Pake Space Straps

Pake Space Straps

Totally rad toe straps in awesome colors.

Neon like the '80's, and in subtle colors, too.

These are actually really good straps and especially recommended for wet weather.

Super tough urethane coated nylon strap is grippy and durable.

Made in the USA.

No returns if you can't figure out how to color coordinate these with something.

Toe strap colors described: Black opaque, White opaque, Duct Tape Silver (not gray) opaque, Red translucent, Maroon opaque, Neon Orange translucent, Hot Pink translucent, Neon Yellow translucent, Neon Green translucent, Bright Blue (electric blue) translucent, Navy Blue opaque, Green translucent, Yellow opaque, Mango opaque.

Sold as pairs.