Racks (& Decaleurs)

The rear rack is the most popular way to put luggage on your bike. You can put a trunk bag or basket on top. If you want to carry more, you can hang pannier bags off either side of the rack. We also carry mini-racks for supporting bags on top of them and porteur racks, which are front racks with a wide platform (inspired by Parisian newspaper delivery bikes). Racks are front or rear specific, unless noted otherwise.

Soma Champs Élysées Front Rack
Soma Champs Élysées Rear Rack
Soma Champs Élysées Mini Front Rack
Soma Demi Porteur Rack
Soma Deluxe Porteur Rack - Stainless Steel
Soma Porteur Rack Fence- Stainless Steel
Soma Deluxe Porteur Rack- Black CrMo
Soma Porteur Rack Fence Black
Soma Eco Porteur Rack
Regular price: $149.99
SALE PRICE: $134.99
Soma Lucas Mini Alloy Front Rack
Soma Deco Rear Rack
Soma Rakku Rear Rack
Regular price: $179.99
SALE PRICE: $159.99
Wald 215 Woody Rear Rack
Gamoh Tamu Front Rack
Gamoh Tamu Rear Rack
Gamoh Rear Porteur Rack KCL-2R
Regular price: $119.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
Gamoh Rear Porteur Rack KCL-2R
Regular price: $119.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
Gamoh Front Porteur Rack KCL-3F Silver
Gamoh Front Porteur Rack KCL-3F
Nitto R15 Rear Rack
Nitto Mark's Mini Rack
Nitto Campee 32 Front Mini Rack
Nitto M12 Front Rack
Nitto M18 Mini Front Rack
Nitto NR-20 Rear Bag Supporter
Nitto NR-21 Rear Bag Supporter
Nitto R26 Rear Rack
Nitto R-14 Rear Rack
Nitto Campee Front 650b Touring Rack
Nitto Campee Rear 650b Touring Racks
Nitto MT-Campee F20 Front 26" Touring Racks
Nitto MT-Campee R20 Rear 26" Touring Rack
Nitto Campee 27F Front 700c Touring Racks
Nitto Campee 27R Rear 700c Touring Rack
F16 Bag Supporter
Nitto F-15 Handlebar Bag Supporter
Nitto ZAO Decaleur for Technomics Stem
Nitto ZAO Decaleur for Pearl Stem
Nitto Rack Mark's Platrack
Ene Ciclo Front Rack
Tanaka Decaleur For Threadless 1",1 1/8"