Soma Colored Spokes

Soma Colored Spokes
Item# Length and ColorRed 308mm/4371543715Length and ColorWhite 308mm/4371643716Length and ColorYellow 308mm/4371743717Length and ColorBlue 308mm/4371843718Length and ColorGreen 308mm/4371943719Length and ColorOrange 308mm/4372043720Length and ColorPink 308mm/4372143721Length and ColorPurple 281mm/4370843708Length and ColorGold (+$15) 281mm/4370943709Length and ColorLt. Blue 281mm/4371043710Length and ColorLime Green 281mm/4371143711Length and ColorPurple 308mm/4372243722Length and ColorGold (+$15) 308mm/4372343723Length and ColorLt. Blue 308mm/4372443724Length and ColorLime Green 308mm/4372543725
Length and Color: 

Soma Colored Spokes
- Stainless, 14ga straight

- Nipples included, bag of 36

- Two lengths: 281mm and 308mm

- Note: We don't consult on spoke length.

Your local shop is a great resource for determining spoke length for wheel builds.