Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Paint
Item# touchup

Touch up paint for current and recently discontinued frame colors. Note this paint is for touching up and does not necessarily have the same depth and shine of original paint. Brush is not included. If you don't want to buy $39.99 of product (our min. on this store), you can still get touch up paint. Just email us instead and someone will get back to you. (somainfo(a)

- British Racing Green (Saga Touring)
- Cappuchino (Groove, ES)
- Old Gold (Buenva Vista, Double Cross Dis)
- Pearl White (Buena Vista, Smoothie)
- Nickel (ES, Juice)
- Pumpkin Orange (B-Side, Wolverine)
- Brownstone Metallic (Juice)
- Graphite (Double Cross-Canti, Buena Vista,... a #2 pencil with clear nail polish will work, too)
- Caramelized Orange (Saga Disc)
- Ivory (Double Cross Canti, Grand Randonneur -- not the same as Cream for v.2 Grand Randonneur)
- Tiburon Blue (San Marcos)
- Pearl Blue (San Marcos, 1st generation)
- Gun Metal Blue Matte (Double Cross Canti, B-Side v/2)
- Slick Black (Double Cross Disc, Smoothie, Tradesman, Pick Up Artist, Rush, most other black frames...Pake Rum Runner, New Albion Privateer)