AXA 'Solid' Frame Lock

AXA 'Solid' Frame Lock
Item# 33150

A frame lock (AKA ring lock) mounts permanently to the frame for peace of mind against not remembering to bring your U-lock. Prevents someone from riding your bike away, but the bike can still be carried away, so it is best used in conjunction with a U-lock, if you are leaving the bike for a long time.

Many European bikes come with these or at least with braze-ons to mount them. Most U.S. marketed bike don't have the braze-ons, but we stock the AXA Flex Mount that allows you to install the Solid on almost any bike.

Fits over tires up to 50mm wide
Hardened steel bracket and lock housing
Two flat keys included
AXA security level: 10/15


AXA Flex Mount for Frame Locks
AXA Flex Mount for Frame Locks
Allows you to mount a frame lock to a bike without the bosses for a frame lock. Bolts with worm screws included.