Soma Champs Elysees 700c Low Trail Road Fork

Soma Champs Elysees 700c Low Trail Road Fork

This low-trail fork can be used as a replacement for existing frames designed for low trail forks. It can also be used to convert some frames depending on headtube angles to have a front load bias (helps the bike steer better when supporting a front handlebar/rack bag.)

- 65mm rake

- 385mm axle-to-crown version fits 73mm reach caliper brakes (fits 700cx38mm tires)

- 380mm axle-to-crown version fits 57mm reach caliper brakes (fits 700c x 32mm tires; will also accept a 650Bx42mm with 73mm reach brakes)

- Double fork tip eyelets

- Mini rack braze-ons

- Low rider pannier bosses

- Sloping lugged crown

- Classic curve blades

- Tange Infinity CrMo blades

- 350mm 1-1/8" steerer

- Chrome plated

- 380mm version