Soma 'Fillmore' Pannier/Grocery Tote Bag

Soma 'Fillmore' Pannier/Grocery Tote Bag

Soma 'Fillmore' Pannier/Grocery Tote Bag
This open top bag hangs and locks onto the rear rack via a sturdy adjustable hooks.

Large enough to fit a fully filled grocery bag.

Easily removable, so you can easily bring it into the store.

Included shoulder strap makes it comfortable to tote off the bike.

Reflective striping on 3 sides.

Folds flat when not in use.

Black hemp/cotton canvas construction is highly water-resistant.

Measures: 12.6" x 7.9" x 10.2"

Hooks are adaptable to fit racks with oversized tubing like our Soma Deco.