Grips/ Bar Tape

Grips/ Bar Tape
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The Soma Bar Tape line has grown again with the addition of more striated texture offerings and a new Soft Touch PU line.

Soma Thick & Zesty Bar Tape (Original Texture)
2.5mm thick, shock absorbent, comfy and provides a secure feel.

Primary material is a special formulation of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)resin.

This material is the result of extensive testing to make sure it has the right balance of strength and stretchiness, that it absorbs vibration, is oxidation resistant, and is water resistant, but does not get slippery in the rain.

More environmentally-friendly material than PVC.

Its production does not result in heavy metal waste.

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- Mucho colors and patterns--
Soma Thick & Zesty Bar Tape (Striated Texture)
Uses a thick texture "pile" material with a striated texture.

Same EVA blend material of original Thick & Zesty.

Grip is good even with sweaty palms.

In our popular camouflage pattern and now five solid colors.
Soma Metallic Bar Tape
This is bar tape for the less inhibited. Does not really have metals in it, but sure looks shiny.

Thinner than our Thick & Zesty Bar Tape

Thicker, but not as grippy as our Posi-Traction Bar Tape

Wear and fade resistant

Chrome or Orange Chrome
Cardiff Grips and Bar Tape(Leather & Wood)
Soma Track Grips
6.75" long slip-on grips similar to those found in Japan.
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