Kogu Masamune Ibuki Storage Stand

Kogu Masamune Ibuki Storage Stand
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Kogu Masamune Ibuki Storage Stand
- Two bike horizontal leaning style bike stand suitable for any environment with a wall

- Stout, lightweight steel construction means stability and durability

- Leaning-style stands protect ceilings and floors, and are earthquake resistant

- Short "arm" on back of pillar maintains proper distance from wall, has rubber boot

- Steel legs are affixed directly to pillar and feature rubber coated tips

- The two bike holders pivot to suit top tube angle, have adjustable width/angle hooks

Hooks can accommodate top tube designs to 2.5" in diameter, are covered in rubber

- Pre-set height adjustments for bike holders offer tool free positioning

- Dimensions: 7 feet tall, 26 wide, stands 17" from wall when perpendicular

- May not work well with full-suspension bike designs, or 700mm+ wide handlebars

- Finish: Grey and Black powdercoat

- Weight: 12.1lbs (5.5kg) Made in Japan