Soma Shikoro 700c Road Tire (Kevlar Bead)

Soma Shikoro 700c Road Tire (Kevlar Bead)

Soma Shikoro 700c Road Tire (Kevlar Bead)
If you are looking for a durable, long lasting road tire with puncture protection that doesn't destroy road feel, this is your ticket. Made in Japan by Panaracer.

Dense weave Polyamide breaker bead to bead for protection against punctures at the tread and sidewalls

4HD casing offers low rolling resistance

High Mileage carbon rubber compound

Weight: 290g (23c), 320g(28c), 430g(38c)

Sizes: 700 x 23, 28, 33, 38, 42c

Kevlar bead (Steel bead available, too)

Brown sidewall, black tread (Note the sidewall will be switching to a lighter caramel brown this year. We can cannot control what you will get besides making sure if you get a pair, they both match)