Soma Sparrow 490/520/560 Bar

Soma Sparrow 490/520/560 Bar

Sparrow 560
This is a new extra wide version of the Sparrow. 180mm long grip area means it will take even Nexus grip shifters with brake levers.

- Aluminum

- 560mm width

- 25.4mm center bulge

- This wide version does accept bar end shifters as well

Sparrow 490/520
This a narrowish touring/townie bar. At 490mm, it is more agile for squeezing through traffic than other townie/MTB bars. Try it on a single-speed or fixie. Compatible with MTB grips and shifters (road brake levers, e.g. Shimano STI will not work). The bar ends are designed to fit Soma pursuit levers or bar end shifters, which is recommended since its narrowness prevents it from fitting side-by-side shifters and brake levers unless you trim the grips. Fits 3-speed Sturmey Archers great. Can be used flipped to be used as a riser bar or down for a less upright position.

Shotpeened Tange Aluminum

Widths: 520mm or 490mm

Silver or Black

25.4 mm clamp diameter

50mm drop/rise

22.2mm grip diameter, 20.0mm inside diameter at ends to allow use of pursuit levers.

Weight 245g