Soma Tradesman Cargo Frame + Fork Set

Soma Tradesman Cargo Frame + Fork Set
Item# 92014

Front loading cargo frame along the lines of the old English "baker bikes". Load is placed on the frame instead of the fork or bars, so it doesn't 'pull' on the steering. Should handle front loads up to 50 lbs. well. 20" wheels are used in the front to lower the load's center of gravity. Designed for disc brakes, because you don't want to lack for stopping power when cargo'd up. Available as frameset only.

- Tange Infinity butted CrMo steel
- Designed for 26" rear and 20" front BMX wheels (WHEEL SET AVAILABLE)
- Designed for front and rear disc brakes
- Due to it's unique rake trail arrangement, it handles like a normal bike
- Modular high-tensile steel rack. Version 2 rack has rounded corners.
Measures 14.5" x 20". Mount wood to it. Mount a Wald 157 basket to it. Put a massive crate on the front. - Kickstand plate
- Rack/fender eyelets on frame and fork
- Vertical dropouts
- Wheelbase of 1116mm
- Paint: Creamsycle Orange
(inset photo from Pushing the Pedals blog)

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